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Invest in yourself!

Dare to be You!

personal coaching by Bloom, the development factory, dare to be you

'What do you really want?' Such a powerful question. Find out your answer. Define clear, concrete goals. Design a plan with steps needed to reach them. And work with your coach to eliminate obstacles. Create a life that feels good on the inside. That's coaching the BLOOM way. We do not solve your problems but guide you to solve them on your own. We connect you to your inner wisdom. And we challenge you to change. To experiment with new ways. We practice and support you in that process. And we do that in a honest, rewarding way, with space for humor.

Experience the power of coaching. Invest in yourself and your business.


Examples of questions that people work on with BLOOM:

  • What drives me? What is really important for me in life?
  • What should I do next in my career within the organization?
  • How can I manage my time better to achieve all I want in life?
  • How do I deal with feelings of stress, fear, depression?
  • How do I improve my relationship?
  • How do I manage my perfectionism?
  • I have the feeling I'm not making most of life, how can I change that?
  • How do I make that hard decision I am facing?

Dream big. Start small. But most of all: start!

Our coaches are experienced qualified personal coaches or psychologists, specializing in personal and professional growth. We are engaged, empowering, and solutions-oriented. And we expect you to take ownership and get into action! The relationship between coach and coachee is built on trust. We believe personal chemistry is important, so we always start with an intake. Sometimes just a few sessions can make a big difference and change in your life. All you have to do is take the first step!


Create resilience!

Gain Strength!

bounce back happiness bootcamp by Bloom, the development factory

Your Bootcamp starts here! These days we experience more and more pressure in work & daily life. With this Bootcamp you will get the secret to Bounce Back under this pressure and learn how to live the balanced & happy life that you want.
Bouncing Back & Being Happy can be learned and developed by anyone, including you!


Before we start we have an intake with you to discover your needs and goals. What are your expectations and wishes? And are you willing to invest and take ownership? In other words… are you ready?

The Bootcamp has its roots in Positive Psychology and will be guided by the founders of BLOOM. During the sessions we will reach out to you with several tools and let you experience them yourself. In small groups and in a safe and vibrant environment with room for fun, you can learn and practice. After each Bootcamp session you're asked to start working on what we've practised. Once you do so and get yourself familiar with the techniques you will be surprised of the immediate positive effect on your life.


Developing resilience is a personal journey. People do not all react the same to heavy and stressful life events. An approach to building resilience that works for one person might not work for another. People use varying strategies. Therefore during the Bounce Back & Happiness Bootcamp there is time for personal support, questions or to just discuss whether and how a certain strategy can work for you. It is also possible to add some coaching sessions to your journey, which you can 'take' after the camp when you feel the need for extra exercise or support.

Do you want to know more about the Bootcamp or whether it is something for you? Check out our events calendar for start dates and sign up for an intake.


A fresh approach!


performance and leadership training by Bloom, the development factory


We believe everyone has talent: everyone can shine, if at the right place at the right time. BLOOM provides employees tools to analyze and eliminate obstacles to achieving high (-er) performance. Our programs can be fully designed to your unique circumstances and needs.


Leadership means different things to different people around the world. How we see it, leadership is about:

  • creating an inspiring vision;
  • motivating people to engage;
  • managing delivery


Everyone is gifted but they have to open the package and be motivated and inspired to use their talents. Individual coaching will help them unlock their potential and maximize their own performance. Training will give you skills and confidence to use them. After all, the essence of training is to allow error without consequence, so you really learn. And change. We also believe in the importance and power of culture. In clear communication about goals, expectations and directions. In positive leadership that uplifts others. Because a team of motivated people that feel valued is so powerful and can create wonderful things.


What competencies, skills and behavior contribute to superior performance? If you know, you can identify and develop your next generation of leaders. BLOOM is your sparring partner in defining leadership competencies and offer training and coaching on leadership skills.

We believe in combining our knowledge, tools and expertise with your experience, active involvement and ownership. So we'd love to meet you and your company to see what we can do for you.


Restore harmony!

Make it work!

work-life balance training by BLOOM Development Factory Pte Ltd

A balanced life. What does it look and feel like for you? And most importantly, how do you go about achieving it in the midst of your busy daily schedules? Step off the train and give your mind some time to reflect. Take a good look at your life as it is now. We help you to change what isn't working, and get back some control. Small adjustments will eventually lead to a new set of positive life habits and you'll never look back!


Examples of questions that people work on with us:

  • Am I living the life I want to live?
  • How can I make my life more fulfilling?
  • How do I divide my time between work and family?
  • How do I find time for myself?
  • How do I deal with stress?
  • How do I cope with all responsibilities?


If you're looking for in-depth assessment focusing on enhancing the balance in your life we offer personal coaching. Our coaches are experienced qualified personal coaches or psychologists, specializing in personal and professional growth. We are engaged, empowering, and solutions-oriented. The relationship between coach and coachee is built on trust. We believe personal chemistry is important, so we always start with an intake.

We also provide training and workshops in which we highlight techniques you can use to assess and analyze your current level of work/life balance. We will give you strategies that you can use in your daily life and will support you in making the necessary adjustments.


Allow youself to BLOOM!


Allow yourself to BLOOM, workshop by BLOOM the development factory

Feeling stuck in your career or personal life? When was the last time you took time to reflect on your life? Are you busy with things you really want to do? And does it make you happy?

Many of us feel like we've got more to offer – if only we knew what it was! Knowing who you are and what you really want will give you confidence to take control of your own life.

Are you Ready?

The workshop is open to anyone who is ready to take ownership of their own life and direction.

Fresh Juices, coconut water, good coffee and home baked products will be provided and you'll have the opportunity to network after.

Empowering positive change

The workshop 'Live your Talent' is all about you. When do you sparkle? What does make you happy? Taking time to answer these questions will bring things into perspective and may refresh your priorities and choices. Expect a morning full of inspiration and positive energy.

Applying is simple. Just send us an email with your name and address and you'll receive a conformation per mail.

'Live your Talent' is also available in Dutch, so if you have any preference do let us know.