Bloom, training and coaching to empower yourself, customized workshops for companies in Singapore


We create positive empowerment and help people to move towards a happier, more fulfilling personal life and career. We also share the vision that everyone deserves to get the best out of him or herself, a deep respect for culture and a desire to be creative & refreshing.

Why focusing on improving 'weak' points instead of making people excel in what comes 'natural' to them? Wouldn't it be great if you can look into your own heart and discover your real strengths and intrinsic motivation? Let yourself be you. Empower yourself, empower your company!


Sheila Bouwman co-owner, trainer and coach at Bloom, The development Factory


Sheila Bouwman is a certified SIMA® Trainer and Coach with a background in Human Resources and Social Sciences (graduated from the Amsterdam University). She has broad experience in Talent Development, Leadership and (Career) Coaching.


Over 15 years she worked in various HR interim management and consulting roles with diverse (multinational) companies (such as ING, Yacht, NYSE) and has board level counseling experience. Having lived in New York and Singapore, she currently works in the Amsterdam region on developing talents and motivating people. It's her drive to get the best out of people and organizations - developing strong human resources for sustained organizational success. She is passionate to challenge and inspire people to grow in life, personally and professionally.


BLOOM Development Factory believes in connection. Connection with yourself, connection with others. Connecting with a part of society that is in need. We believe we can make a difference. That's why BLOOM Development Factory actively supports non-profit organizations & schools by offering them our time and expertise. Empowering the next generation by helping them to discover their talents and strengths. Teaching various skills to help grow their self-confidence and inspiring them to follow their dreams and live a happy and meaningful life.

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